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Faster Forward

Faster Forward brings you stories, insights, and lessons learned from leaders and innovators that are transforming their industries

Faster Forward from Northern Trust

Our industry is rapidly evolving, every day there are innovations in technology, emerging trends and new ideas being brought to the forefront. It can be overwhelming to navigate through all of the noise. Faster Forward helps you stay ahead of the curve. Our guests share experiences and insights that are helping them move their organizations faster forward, and discuss how you can do the same.


Greg McCall

Co-Founder, President & CFO

Greg McCall co-founded Equity Data Science in 2017 and serves as the Company’s President and CFO. Greg spent three decades as a Fundamental Technology Analyst/Portfolio Manager and was an early investment team member/partner of multiple billion dollar-plus funds, including WestWay Capital, a pioneering technology fund focused on disruptive change. Greg was also a Portfolio Manager at Sage Asset Management and the Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Rock Crest Capital. Greg received his degree in finance from the University of Massachusetts, while competing as a member of a D1 gymnastics team.


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